Crashes with Promise controller

Thomas Ronner thomas at
Thu Jun 30 18:26:12 UTC 2011

On 6/30/11 8:08 PM, Christian Baer wrote:
> Please keep in mind though that I am not the only person out there with
> the same error using the same controller (type). I somehow doubt that
> all those hits by Google are all caused by power difficulties and the
> common controller is pure coincidence.

Just a little 'me too'.

I used to have a system with an Athlon XP 3200+, an ASUS A7V880 
mainboard (iirc) and a Promise SATA150TX4 and a Promise 
SATA300something, both PCI (no PCI-e) cards with 4 SATA ports. I didn't 
encounter system resets, but hard lockups with FreeBSD 7 and 8. No 
kernel messages on the console, everything just hang until I pressed the 
hard reset button.

After about 3 months of testing and frustration I gave up and bought 
another controller.

Regards, Thomas

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