Crashes with Promise controller

Christian Baer christian.baer at
Thu Jun 30 17:32:00 UTC 2011

On 18.06.2011 18:49, Stefan Bethke wrote:

>> I have to slightly explain the word "crash" here: I don't actually
>> have to hard reset the system myself. My box just does a reboot by
>> itself. No filesystem is unmounted cleanly and because the machine
>> isn't really new and powerful fsck takes pretty long.
> I can't help you with your controllers, but anyone in a position to
> help will likely want to know if the box simply resets, or if the
> kernel panics.  And if there are going to be any patches, you most
> certainly will want to get familiar with the debugger to help try
> stuff out.  The handbook has information on how to enable crash dumps
> and getting the kernel debugger going.  If you haven't done so
> already, try and get a serial console going, it helps tremendously to
> be able to cut&paste debugger info instead of trying to hand
> transcribe it.

As far as I can tell so far there isn't any realy kernel panik. But the
machine resets alright. All I can find in /var/log/messages is what I
have already written. :-(

A serial console is easy enough to set up on a Sun for example, but in
this case, I am running a simple AthlonXP, which has nothing for that
sort of help. I would need a special card for that and those cose quite
a bit. :-(


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