GPT labels and gjournal

nickolasbug at nickolasbug at
Mon Jun 20 09:17:39 UTC 2011

Hello stable.

I've tried to make two journaled partitions on new GPT disk.
Partitions have GPT labels storage and backup:

gpart show -l ada1
=>        34  2930277101  ada1  GPT  (1.4T)
          34     8388608     1  (null)  (4.0G)
     8388642  2415919104     2  storage  (1.1T)
  2424307746     8388608     3  (null)  (4.0G)
  2432696354   497580781     4  backup  (237G)

gjournal label /dev/gpt/storage /dev/gptid/3570dff6-9a73-11e0-ad0e-001e8c0ecc19
gjournal label /dev/gpt/backup /dev/gptid/58db2577-9a73-11e0-ad0e-001e8c0ecc19

newfs -J /dev/gpt/storage.journal
newfs -J /dev/gpt/backup.journal

Where 3570dff6-9a73-11e0-ad0e-001e8c0ecc19 is GPT UUID of ada1p1 and
58db2577-9a73-11e0-ad0e-001e8c0ecc19 is GPT UUID of ada1p3 partition.

This partitions have been added to fstab:

/dev/gpt/storage.journal /mnt/storage ufs  async,rw  0 0
/dev/gpt/backup.journal  /mnt/backup  ufs  async,rw  0 0

After reboot system doesn't wanna see gpt-labeled partitions
/dev/gpt/storage.journal and /dev/gpt/backup.journal (so, mount fails)
but has /dev/ada1p2.journal and /dev/ada1p4.journal instead.

How can I mount this partitions using GPT labels?

uname -a
FreeBSD cloud 8.2-STABLE FreeBSD 8.2-STABLE #37 r223311: Mon Jun 20
04:16:22 EEST 2011     root at cloud:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/CLOUD  amd64

Options GEOM_PART_GPT, GEOM_LABEL and GEOM_JOURNAL present in kernel
configuration file.


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