SATA 6g 4-port non-RAID controller ?

Jan Mikkelsen janm at
Thu Jul 28 07:57:58 UTC 2011


On 28/07/2011, at 2:55 AM, Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
>> [ … ]
>> Perhaps I'm being thick, but this says "a 16x slot on this board does not support a display card" not "a 16x slot on this board only supports a display card."
>> The examples you cite only support the "vice-versa" part of your claim, not the primary claim that 16x slots on some motherboards are only for display cards. Do you have a reference for that?
> You're not being thick.  I'm simply using what's in the manual as a
> hard, validated example that the *type* of card that goes into a PCIe
> x16 slot can matter, and that some types are compatible while others are
> not.
> I cannot find you a hard documented reference for my claims right now,
> so you can consider them lies/FUD/whatever for the time being, that's
> fine by me at this point.
> I can find you examples on Google of people who invested in Areca
> ARC-1220 cards (PCIe x8) only to find out that when inserted into one of
> their two PCIe x16 slots the mainboard wouldn't start (see above).  I can
> also find you examples on Google of people with Intel 915GM chipsets
> whose user manuals explicitly state the PCIe x16 slot on their board is
> "intended for use with graphics cards only".

Just trying to understand; I think I can recall reading about issues with the 915 chipset. I agree a "check, don't assume" warning is reasonable.



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