Alex Samorukov ml at os2.kiev.ua
Wed Jul 27 10:55:19 UTC 2011

If anyone interested - i was able to compile dtrace support in 
mysql-server55 port. During this i found a bug in dtrace/bsd - if it is 
running more then 1 time on the same object (this is the case for 
mysqld) then object is broken. I was able to do workaround (with 
preserving original object and then copying it) and then everything 
compiled and started correctly.

This is an example:

bsd# ./work/mysql-5.5.14/support-files/dtrace/query-time.d
dtrace: buffer size lowered to 2m
Who                  Database             
Query                                    Time(ms)
root at localhost       mysql                select sleep(1) from user 
limit 1        1000
root at localhost       mysql                select * from user limit 
1               0

I will try to cleanup my patches (its currently very dirty hacks) and 
submit them to the mysql bugtracker (and port). Feel free to contact me 
if you want to test this (or to fix dtrace/obects bug).

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