OS X Lion time machine => (afpd|iSCSI) => ZFS question

Stefan Bethke stb at lassitu.de
Sun Jul 24 11:46:13 UTC 2011

Am 21.07.2011 um 23:56 schrieb Bakul Shah:

> I am in no hurry to upgrade my MBP to OS X Lion but given Lion
> time machine and netatalk issues, I got wondering if iSCSI on
> FreeBSD is stable enough for time machine use. How much duct
> tape and baling wire are needed to make it work?!

After having had odd behavior from TM on a netatalk volume, I've switched over to istgt and the globalSAN iSCSI initiator, using a ZVOL.  I found the istgt configuration non-obvious, but I also have little background in iSCSI.  Took me about an hour to get it up and running without authentication; haven't bothered since trying to get authentication to work.


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