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Chip Camden sterling at
Thu Jul 14 22:14:09 UTC 2011

Quoth Jim Bryant on Thursday, 14 July 2011:
> stay away from newer hp laptops.
> been repairing laptops for money in recent years.  HP laptops made after 
> 2008 generally have serious issues with BGA lifting, and usually require 
> motherboard replacement after 1-2 years.  also their manuals have even 
> more undocumented disassembly instructions, as well as incorrect 
> disassembly instructions (use common sense and your eyes, following 
> instructions will destroy hp laptops).

Another data point: I bought an hp dv9000t in 2007, three years later the
motherboard died.  I agree with avoiding HP.  I like my ASUS K72F, except
that the Ironlake graphics aren't yet supported (soon, right Kostik?)

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