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Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Thu Jul 14 14:09:18 UTC 2011

Zoran Kolic wrote:
> > Zoran's comments that is 'obsolete' 
> > are a bit misplaced regarding older kit that some of us use by choice or 
> > necessity (eg my 2.5 Thinkpad T23s :) 
> Sorry for the word chosen in this case. I use one even older
> lapper, HP nx9020, with real 4:3 screen, matte. I'm ready to
> write about it. The only problem is that it is not possible
> to find anymore. So, no use.

Theres a difference between  have / find / buy / receive a laptop ;-)
So it's still nice to docu. older hardware if they supports BSD,
because sometimes people get old laptops thrust upon them :-)
	"Here take this thing, I'm not using, I've heard you say BSD
	 is more efficient than MS, so maybe'll get some use out of it"
Then you get home with it & look it up on the web ... :-)

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