watchdog timeout for pwait/rc.shutdown

Tom Evans at
Thu Jul 14 10:24:05 UTC 2011

2011/7/14 Subbsd <subbsd at>:
> Hi
> Tell me please, is it possible to change the behavior of shutdown
> sequence to avoid work of kill process (or increase timeout).
> Тot always process can not react to signals and stop - for example,
> heavy MySQL server databases or databases/redis - can not keep up with
> 30 seconds to correct shutdown.
> In my example noSQL product - redis holds a 10 GB RAM memory and when
> stop it just did not have time to reset the state to disk when i stop
> process or jail with redis.
> As result ive have in /var/db/redis "dump.tmp.XX" - broken DB about ~3
> Gb instead of 10 GB.
> Waiting for PIDS: 47924
> 30 second watchdog timeout expired. Shutdown terminated.
> Thu Jul 14 16:24:30 MSD 2011
> Killed
> PS: I may be mistaken but I think this problem did not exist before
> PS2: i have RELENG_8 and HEAD version of FreeBSD
> PS3: Thanks in advance

I have roughly the same problem when I shut down my laptop, squid
takes at least 1 minute to shut down, so if I shutdown or restart
without stopping squid first, then all my processes just get killed
rather than shutdown cleanly by their rc script. An option to
vary/disable the timeout would be welcome.



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