watchdog timeout for pwait/rc.shutdown

Subbsd subbsd at
Thu Jul 14 10:08:56 UTC 2011


Tell me please, is it possible to change the behavior of shutdown
sequence to avoid work of kill process (or increase timeout).

Тot always process can not react to signals and stop - for example,
heavy MySQL server databases or databases/redis - can not keep up with
30 seconds to correct shutdown.
In my example noSQL product - redis holds a 10 GB RAM memory and when
stop it just did not have time to reset the state to disk when i stop
process or jail with redis.
As result ive have in /var/db/redis "dump.tmp.XX" - broken DB about ~3
Gb instead of 10 GB.

Waiting for PIDS: 47924
30 second watchdog timeout expired. Shutdown terminated.
Thu Jul 14 16:24:30 MSD 2011

PS: I may be mistaken but I think this problem did not exist before
PS2: i have RELENG_8 and HEAD version of FreeBSD
PS3: Thanks in advance

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