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On Tue, 12 Jul 2011 17:18:58 +0200
Zoran Kolic <zkolic at> wrote:

> Comes a time to ask again and again the same question.
> More I read, less I know. Just as I found that candida-
> te for my new laptop, dell latitude 13 comes with anti-
> glare screen and all hardware well supported, forums
> reveal that it's 320gb hard drive heats a lot. It makes
> vostro v13 better runner, but...
> How sounds the idea to have a place on freebsd site for
> such kind of data/wiki? Laptop recommendations should
> include new models only, since older ones are not easy to
> find in usable condition. Also, making a go for home
> node, cold and quiet box, with parts fine under freebsd
> is not so obvious. Especially for newer graphic chips.
> It shows that my first idea to get cold phenom II on the
> integrated mobo fails on almost all parts.
> Yep, some kind of wiki, saying "phenom to use under 8.2
> to be cold and chip to find for amd mobo to take small
> amount of power might be..."
> At last, sad thing is that only before mentioned dell
> comes supported and with matte screen. What is the box
> you would recommend, not going deep into past decade?
> Best regards all
>                               Zoran

Perhaps you already know this site ( The comment parts sometimes include relevant info, such as "fan alwas running".

As to the last question, I am rather (very) fond of my Thinkpad R500 running FreeBSD 8.2-STABLE. Thinkpads in general seem enjoy a high reputation ...

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