Crashes with Promise controller

Christian Baer christian.baer at
Tue Jul 5 15:14:33 UTC 2011

On 01.07.2011 12:18, Tom Evans wrote:

Hey guys! Thanks for all the answers!

I'm sorry, mine take a while. This server is my personal machine which I
work on in my spare time. As it seems, the last few weeks I was getting
very little time to spare. :-/

>> A serial console is easy enough to set up on a Sun for example, but in
>> this case, I am running a simple AthlonXP, which has nothing for that
>> sort of help. I would need a special card for that and those cose quite
>> a bit. :-(
> Not that special - you just need a serial port on two computers. If
> your computers don't have serial ports, USB serial adapters work fine,
> and are cheap, as are (single port) PCI serial cards.

Yeah, the post you are referring to is a little awkward for me because I
was just too thick to get what you guys were on about. I was thinking
along the lines of a card that also allows BIOS access (what Intel calls
RMM, IIRC). After the fact that the serial console within the kernel
would suffice struck me like lightning, it was set up within about 2
minutes - including the reboot. :-)

Best regards,

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