NFS related include files and make delete-old

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Mon Jul 4 13:18:48 UTC 2011

> Hi,
> For a few months now, during the usual make delete-old after
> make installworld the files
> /usr/include/nfs/krpc.h
> and
> /usr/include/nfs/nfsdiskless.h
> turn up time and again. I have them deleted, but they get reinstalled
> during the next make installworld. This is a fairly old installation,
> but running an up-to-date 8.2-STABLE and these header files are also
> present in the directory /usr/include/nfsclient.
I moved them from sys/nfsclient to sys/nfs, so that it would be more
obvious that they are shared by both NFS clients (in sys/nfsclient and
sys/fs/nfsclient). So the ones at the new location /usr/include/nfs would
not be deleted, the entry in that removed them from
/usr/include/nfs was deleted (by someone else, after discussing it with me).

I felt that they should remain in the old location for backwards compatibility.
(The "userland" contents of the two copies are identical, so it shouldn't matter
 which copy any userland app includes. One problem here is that I have no idea
 if any software outside of /usr/src includes these.)

> Could it be that either the wrong files are specified in
> /usr/src/ or the headers are installed in the wrong
> directory during make installworld?
> On my 9.0-CURRENT systems I also have the headers at both locations,
> but there only those in /usr/include/nfsclient get reinstalled and
> there is no entry in /usr/src/
Actually, only the ones in /usr/include/nfs should get updated, because they
now live in sys/nfs and not sys/nfsclient. I plan on adding an entry to in head/current for the /usr/include/nfsclient ones.
(Thanks for the reminder w.r.t. this.)

Should I MFC this to stable/8? 
(I had assumed that I should leave them in
the old location for backwards compatibility and therefore wasn't going to
MFC deletion of them in /usr/include/nfsclient. If I MFC that, the entries
for them in for /usr/include/nfs need to be deleted, so
they remain in the new location.)

ps: Maybe I shouldn't have MFC'd the changes for making the two NFS clients
    use the shared diskless boot code, but that would have made later MFCs

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