Mark Andrews marka at
Sun Jan 30 23:45:53 UTC 2011

	I was trying to upgrade a machine from RELEASE_6 (latest)
	to RELEASE_8 (latest) via source.  I was unable to get
	make buildworld to complete.

	There were two problems sets of problems.

	libelf and sys headers were not available to some of the
	solaris derived parts.  include_next's failed.  Adding extra
	-I's to the Makefiles allowed these parts to complete.  The
	first missing header was sys/elf.h so that should help
	locate the correct Makefile.

	Linking then failed due to __stack_chk_fail_local not being
	found.  i386 build.

	Sorry this report is not more complete as I blew away the
	tree and restarted on RELEASE_7 as a stepping stone to

	RELEASE_7 latest will at least compile. However it will
	only run in safe mode as it dies in ar5212Detach with a
	kernel fault.  I suspect this will also be a problem for

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