High interrupt rate on a PF box + performance

Damien Fleuriot ml at my.gd
Thu Jan 27 19:39:49 UTC 2011

On 1/27/11 7:46 PM, Sergey Lobanov wrote:
> В сообщении от Пятница 28 января 2011 00:55:35 автор Damien Fleuriot написал:
>> On 1/27/11 6:41 PM, Vogel, Jack wrote:
>>> Jeremy is right, if you have a problem the first step is to try the
>>> latest code.
>>> However, when I look at the interrupts below I don't see what the problem
>>> is? The Broadcom seems to have about the same rate, it just doesn't have
>>> MSIX (multiple vectors).
>>> Jack
>> My main concern is that the CPU %interrupt is quite high, also, we seem
>> to be experiencing input errors on the interfaces.
> Would you show igb tuning which is done in loader.conf and output of sysctl 
> dev.igb.0?
> Did you rise number of igb descriptors such as:
> hw.igb.rxd=4096
> hw.igb.txd=4096 ?

There is no tuning at all on our part in the loader's conf.

Find below the sysctls:

# sysctl -a |grep igb
dev.igb.0.%desc: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection version - 1.7.3
dev.igb.0.%driver: igb
dev.igb.0.%location: slot=0 function=0
dev.igb.0.%pnpinfo: vendor=0x8086 device=0x10d6 subvendor=0x8086
subdevice=0x145a class=0x020000
dev.igb.0.%parent: pci14
dev.igb.0.debug: -1
dev.igb.0.stats: -1
dev.igb.0.flow_control: 3
dev.igb.0.enable_aim: 1
dev.igb.0.low_latency: 128
dev.igb.0.ave_latency: 450
dev.igb.0.bulk_latency: 1200
dev.igb.0.rx_processing_limit: 100
dev.igb.1.%desc: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection version - 1.7.3
dev.igb.1.%driver: igb
dev.igb.1.%location: slot=0 function=1
dev.igb.1.%pnpinfo: vendor=0x8086 device=0x10d6 subvendor=0x8086
subdevice=0x145a class=0x020000
dev.igb.1.%parent: pci14
dev.igb.1.debug: -1
dev.igb.1.stats: -1
dev.igb.1.flow_control: 3
dev.igb.1.enable_aim: 1
dev.igb.1.low_latency: 128
dev.igb.1.ave_latency: 450
dev.igb.1.bulk_latency: 1200
dev.igb.1.rx_processing_limit: 100

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