High interrupt rate on a PF box + performance

Damien Fleuriot ml at my.gd
Thu Jan 27 17:55:54 UTC 2011

On 1/27/11 6:41 PM, Vogel, Jack wrote:
> Jeremy is right, if you have a problem the first step is to try the latest code.
> However, when I look at the interrupts below I don't see what the problem is?
> The Broadcom seems to have about the same rate, it just doesn't have MSIX (multiple vectors).
> Jack

My main concern is that the CPU %interrupt is quite high, also, we seem
to be experiencing input errors on the interfaces.

See for yourself the following munin graphs:

igb0 = WAN interf
bce0 = LAN

Obviously we've had quite a traffic increase since the beginning of the
year, as shown by the PF statistics.

But jeez, the CPU %interrupt doubled or tripled...

You'll notice a drop in graphs between 23 and 25 january, this is when
we switched the CARP master to the backup firewall.

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