Gpart and gmirror 8.2 from 18 januari

Florian Wagner florian at
Fri Jan 21 12:13:45 UTC 2011

> I haven't tried it but I think from the GPT specification that it 
> records where the secondary table is, so maybe you could do it the
> other way around: first do a gmirror configuration, then create GPT
> partitions within the gmirror device (i.e. on /dev/mirror/gm0, not
> on /dev/ad4).

I'm using this configuration at work on some of our Linux servers. A md
software mirror of two devices with superblock at the end of the device
(md metadata format 0.90 or 1.0) and GPT partitions created within the
mirror. Makes drive replacements really easy: No need to copy partition
table, rebuild multiple partition mirrors and remember to run
grub-install on the new drive.

So in theory this could work in FreeBSD, too. Practice may be

Florian Wagner
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