8.2-PRE: hastd: Compile Error

Eugene Grosbein egrosbein at rdtc.ru
Tue Jan 18 10:11:19 UTC 2011

On 18.01.2011 14:47, Olivier Certner wrote:
>> That's not a solution for 7->8 upgrade as new lex won't run under 7.x
>> kernel.
> 	I can confirm that compiling and installing 'lex' in advance produces a 
> working 'lex' on 7.x. 
> 	My current understanding is that the procedure mentioned in a previous mail 
> uses the 8.x source but the 7.x tools and headers, so 'lex' then runs 
> correctly, since it also doesn't depend on exotic kernel features found only 
> in 8.x.

Got it, thanks. This is still workaround until real fix made, not solution.

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