classes and kernel_cookie was Re: Specifying root mount options on diskless boot.

Daniel Braniss danny at
Mon Jan 10 08:52:38 UTC 2011

> I note that the response to your message from "danny" offers the ability 
> to pass arguments to the nfs mount command, but also seems to offer a fix 
> for the fact that "classes" are not supported under PXE:
> I hope "danny" will offer a patch to mainline code - it would be an 
> important improvement (and already promised in the documentation).
I'm willing to try and add the missing pieces, but I need some better explanantion as to what they are, for example, I have no clue what the
kernel_cookie is used for, nor what the ${class} is all about.
BTW, it would be kind if the line in the pxeboot(8):
	As PXE is still in its infancy ...
can be changed :-)


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