Re; NFS performance

george+freebsd at george+freebsd at
Sun Jan 9 18:38:47 UTC 2011

It has been suggested that I move this thread to freebsd-stable.  The
thread so far (deficient NFS performance in FreeBSD 8):

I updated my kernel to FreeBSD 8.2-PRERELEASE.  This improved my
throughput, but still not to the level I got from 7.3-STABLE.  Here's
an updated table from my original message:

Observed bytes per second (dd if=filename of=/dev/null bs=65536):
Source machine:        mattapan         scollay          sullivan
Destination machine:
wonderland/7.3-STABLE      870K            5.2M              1.8M
wonderland/8.1-STABLE      496K            690K              420K
wonderland/8.2-PRERELEASE  800K            1.2M              447K

Furthermore, I was still able to induce the NFS "server not responding"
message with 8.2-PRERELEASE.  So I applied the patch from Rick Macklem.
The throughput did not change, but I haven't seen the NFS "server not
responding" message yet.

As to an earlier question about NFS options: I'm not setting any, so
they are whatever the automounter uses by default.       -- George

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