Tom Vijlbrief tom.vijlbrief at
Sun Jan 9 11:59:35 UTC 2011

The last half year I've been installing FreeBSD on several machines.

I installed it on my main desktop system a few weeks ago which
normally runs Linux, but I get this panic under heavy disk I/O.

It even happened during the initial sysinstall, allthough I also have
completed several buildworlds without problems.

I can trigger it easily by accessing /usr (UFS) and a linux ext
partition simultaneously, eg by copying
large files to the /usr partition.

Just bought a serial cable to enable the serial console of the various
FreeBSD installations, which is of good use for this problem, because
a crash dump is not written.

Full boot output in the attachment

Sun Jan  9 10:11:17 CET 2011
unknown: TIMEOUT - WRITE_DMA48 retrying (1 retry left) LBA=274799820^M
ata2: timeout waiting to issue command^M
ata2: error issuing WRITE_DMA48 command^M
g_vfs_done():ad4s2f[WRITE(offset=28915105792, length=131072)]error = 6^M
/usr: got error 6 while accessing filesystem^M
panic: softdep_deallocate_dependencies: unrecovered I/O error^M
cpuid = 0^M
KDB: stack backtrace:^M
#0 0xc08e0f77 at kdb_backtrace+0x47^M
#1 0xc08b2037 at panic+0x117^M
#2 0xc0ae2ecd at softdep_deallocate_dependencies+0x3d^M
#3 0xc0925590 at brelse+0x90^M
#4 0xc092829a at bufdone_finish+0x3fa^M
#5 0xc092830d at bufdone+0x4d^M
#6 0xc092bdf9 at cluster_callback+0x89^M
#7 0xc09282f7 at bufdone+0x37^M
#8 0xc0850ad5 at g_vfs_done+0x85^M
#9 0xc09224d9 at biodone+0xb9^M
#10 0xc084da69 at g_io_schedule_up+0x79^M
#11 0xc084e0a8 at g_up_procbody+0x68^M
#12 0xc0886fc1 at fork_exit+0x91^M
#13 0xc0bcc144 at fork_trampoline+0x8^M
Uptime: 2h56m27s^M
Physical memory: 1515 MB^M
Dumping 177 MB:ata2: timeout waiting to issue command^M
ata2: error issuing WRITE_DMA command^M
Automatic reboot in 15 seconds - press a key on the console to abort^M
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