bridge, ipv6 and rtadvd

Spil Oss spil.oss at
Sun Feb 6 12:50:56 UTC 2011

Hi All,

Don't know if this is expected behaviour.

My LAN (bge0) and WLAN (wlan0) are bridged in bridge0. I tried to run
rtadvd on bridge0 but that didn't result in ipv6 addresses on my
network. Tried running rtadvd directly /usr/sbin/rtadvd -c
/etc/rtadvd.conf -f -D and saw the requests coming in from the client
but that didn't result in a working ipv6 network. "Wild guessing" I
tried loading it with /usr/sbin/rtadvd -f -D bge0 and I had a
functional ipv6 network.....

Is this intended behaviour? Am I doing something wrong?

One of the other quirks I found was that the example rtadvd.conf line
does not work, the :addrs#1:  makes rtadvd report "<getconfig> bridge0
isn't defined in the configuration file or the configuration file
doesn't exist."

Kind regards,


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