resume slow on Thinkpad T42 FreeBSD 8-STABLE

Jung-uk Kim jkim at
Mon Sep 27 20:21:32 UTC 2010

On Monday 27 September 2010 02:55 pm, Vitaly Magerya wrote:
> Ian Smith wrote:
> > [...] During the 60s resume stall period, iff
> > I'd suspended from a VTY, I found I could slowly (like maybe 3
> > seconds per character echoed) type a command, and some commands -
> > possibly those cached? as there's no HD access - would run after
> > another few seconds.
> >
> > In this way I discovered that 'date' commands reported the time
> > some seconds after the resume (perhaps hours ago, or yesterday)
> > until the stall ended, disk light flashed and normality resumed,
> > sometimes with "calcru: time went backwards .." messages, most
> > often for devd.
> Yes, same here. I must add that some peripherals do not work
> normally after the resume:
> - the mouse doesn't work until I restart moused manually

--- >8 --- SNIP!!! --- >8 ---

If the mouse is connected to PS/2 port, the following device flags may 


    bit 13 HOOKRESUME
	The built-in PS/2 pointing device of some laptop computers is
	somehow not operable immediately after the system `resumes' from
	the power saving mode, though it will eventually become available.
	There are reports that stimulating the device by performing I/O
	will help waking up the device quickly.  This flag will enable a
	piece of code in the psm driver to hook the `resume' event and
	exercise some harmless I/O operations on the device.

	This flag adds more drastic action for the above problem.  It will
	cause the psm driver to reset and re-initialize the pointing
	device after the `resume' event.  It has no effect unless the
	HOOKRESUME flag is set as well.

I always use hint.psm.0.flags="0x6000" in /boot/loader.conf, i.e., 
turn on both HOOKRESUME and INITAFTERSUSPEND, to work around similar 
problem on different laptop.

Can you please report other problems in the appropriate ML?

em ->		freebsd-net@
usb ->		freebsd-usb@
acpi_ec ->	freebsd-acpi@

BTW, USB stack issue is known problem AFAIK.

Jung-uk Kim

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