FreeBSD 8.1/amd64 SMP + X11 + radeon/radeonhd crash

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Tue Sep 14 14:01:32 UTC 2010

Problem: FreeBSD 8.1-STABLE/amd64 crashes with radeon and radeonhd in 
different, weird ways.
I figured out when changing a box from a single-core hardware platform 
with FBSD 8.1-STABLE/amd64 UP kernel to a SMP kernel with a dul core CPU 
that a former 'stble' arragemnet of a AMD HD4830 and radeon/radeonhd 
driver became instable. Whenever I leave an X11 session returning to 
xdm's login screen, the box freezes and only reset can bring it back to 

My lab's box is still as reported months ago of the same problemacy. The 
box runs also FreeBSD 8.1-STABLE/amd64 and has a SMP kernel running. The 
graphics adaptor was a HD4670, now a HD4770. Exiting a session and 
returning to the login screen is the same, the box freezes.

Also very strange is the behaviour when trying to use HAL and DBUS as 
introduced with the newer X11 port revision. With both radeon and 
radeonhd the box starts well, presents the login screen and is network 
accessible. But whenever I activate HAL and DBUS (with a copy of 
X11/xorg.conf of my private box and configuration which works which the 
same OS revision) the box dies immediately and freezes with a black 
screen when X11 tries to come up (the xdm in this case).

Even with identical configs and DRI/EXA turned off explicitely the box 
freezes if hal and dbus are enabled (config is, as I mentioned, adjusted 
to work with dbus and hal as it does on my private box).


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