MSIX failure

Jack Vogel jfvogel at
Wed Sep 8 16:41:54 UTC 2010

This is what'd I'd expect, the onboard is PCH chipset, support was not in
but as I said, in 8.1 (and hence stable/8) it is supported, and it should

I do not know why you don't have MSI support, but it should still work with
Legacy interrupts.


On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 2:40 AM, Gareth de Vaux <bsd at> wrote:

> On Tue 2010-09-07 (13:25), Jack Vogel wrote:
> > I've looked at the code, this message was misleading, what really happens
> > is that the driver fails to be able to setup either MSIX OR MSI, when
> this
> > happens it will fall back and use a Legacy interrupt, so its non-fatal
> and
> > the device should work anyway.
> >
> > The only real reason you should see this is a) you used sysctl and turned
> > msi and msix off, or b) a real hardware problem in the chipset has caused
> > the failure. All devices em drives (as opposed to lem) are PCI Express
> and
> > so by definition they have MSI and MSIX available.
> Ok I think I got my cards mixed up - in my original mail em1 is the PCI
> card and em0 is the onboard, sorry. I guessed the numbering may not have
> been as expected while trying to fix the issue, but I might not have fully
> tested this at the time.
> So here's the situation after looking through older kernel logs:
> I installed 8.0-RELEASE, the onboard card didn't work - the kernel didn't
> even pick it up, and ifconfig only showed the lo0 device.
> I added the PCI Intel(R) PRO/1000 GT card (Gigabit Ethernet Controller
> (Copper) rev 5 (82541PI)) - this worked and came up as em0.
> Last week I moved to -STABLE, GENERIC kernel. The kernel now detects both
> cards, with the kernel messages in my original mail. Whether either works
> I'm not completely sure, I'll need to get to the machine physically and
> switch cables/cards/configurations first.
> I didn't turn off msi/msix with sysctl (except when debugging in my
> original
> mail).
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