MSIX failure

Gareth de Vaux bsd at
Wed Sep 8 09:41:05 UTC 2010

On Tue 2010-09-07 (13:25), Jack Vogel wrote:
> I've looked at the code, this message was misleading, what really happens
> is that the driver fails to be able to setup either MSIX OR MSI, when this
> happens it will fall back and use a Legacy interrupt, so its non-fatal and
> the device should work anyway.
> The only real reason you should see this is a) you used sysctl and turned
> msi and msix off, or b) a real hardware problem in the chipset has caused
> the failure. All devices em drives (as opposed to lem) are PCI Express and
> so by definition they have MSI and MSIX available.

Ok I think I got my cards mixed up - in my original mail em1 is the PCI
card and em0 is the onboard, sorry. I guessed the numbering may not have
been as expected while trying to fix the issue, but I might not have fully
tested this at the time.

So here's the situation after looking through older kernel logs:

I installed 8.0-RELEASE, the onboard card didn't work - the kernel didn't
even pick it up, and ifconfig only showed the lo0 device.

I added the PCI Intel(R) PRO/1000 GT card (Gigabit Ethernet Controller
(Copper) rev 5 (82541PI)) - this worked and came up as em0.

Last week I moved to -STABLE, GENERIC kernel. The kernel now detects both
cards, with the kernel messages in my original mail. Whether either works
I'm not completely sure, I'll need to get to the machine physically and
switch cables/cards/configurations first.

I didn't turn off msi/msix with sysctl (except when debugging in my original

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