GSSAPI (for OpenLDAP) on FreeBSD 8?

Reko Turja reko.turja at
Thu Sep 2 12:55:41 UTC 2010

From: "Jan Henrik Sylvester" <me at>
Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 2010 7:33 PM
To: "stable-list freebsd" <freebsd-stable at>
Subject: GSSAPI (for OpenLDAP) on FreeBSD 8?

> Does anyone have OpenLDAP+GSSAPI running on FreeBSD 8? With the 
> libgssapi patch? With the heimdal-1.2 port?

I got running and fully functional Heimdal/GSSAPI setup with Benjamins 
patch from, 
although I didn't test it with LDAP.

Jeremys patch as far as I know removes the symptom, but it doesn't fix 
the cause, which is completely missing heimdal code in the base system 
preventing the functional operation of heimdal.


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