Broadcom watchdog timeout with 7.4-PRERELEASE

Michael L. Squires mikes at
Sun Nov 28 21:05:10 UTC 2010

Problem is watchdog timeouts with a Broadcom GigE interface on a Tyan 
S4881 using 7.4-PRERELEASE as of 11/22 and 7.3-STABLE as of 11/11.

I've done the following, with no success:

(1)  Tried the second port, bge1, in case the first had gone bad, and

(2)  Recompiled samba34 (failure occurs when copying large files using 

I'm currently cvup'ing Release 7.3 and will see if compiling and 
installing that version eliminates the problem.

The ultimate solution may involve replacing the Tyan S4881 with a S4882 so 
I can install other PCI-X cards (I'm unable to get the S4881 to assign 
interrupts to PCI-X or PCI-E cards, a problem I've never seen before)

Mike Squires mikes at

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