Old system keeps coming back

Jack Raats jack at jarasoft.net
Sun Nov 28 14:04:45 UTC 2010

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From: "Jack Raats" <jack at jarasoft.net>
Subject: Old system keeps coming back

> At this moment I hiring a FreeBSD server running FreeBSD 7.2.
> After running cvsup, updating sources and ports, compiling the complete
> system, installing kernel and the "new world", rebooting the system gives 
> the old sytem and not the freshly
> compiled FreeBSD 7.4-PRERELASE.

It seems that dmesg gives all system info. At he end it gives the FreeBSD 
7.4-PRELEASE message.

What the do so that dmesg gives the latest info?
/etc/motd also is not updated. How to solve this?


Jack Raats 

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