upd: 7.2->8.1 & many networks trouble & flowtable

Andrey Groshev greenx at yartv.ru
Thu Nov 25 10:24:36 UTC 2010

25.11.2010 00:42, Li, Qing пишет:
> .....
>    I simply asked for a clarification, which I did not receive a clear
>    answer, on whether there are routing issues when flow-table is
> disabled.
> ....
Oh, I just do not understand you! :)
After I recompiled the kernel without FLOWTABLE almost everything worked.
openbgpd - runs and does not load the CPU at 100%.
named - also works fine.
openospfd - did not have time to check, because at the time of the 
accident has replaced all the static routes.
Yesterday we received a winter.
Snow buried the entire city.
It is very difficult to get to the server, because he was on the other 
end of town.
I went there today do not make up my mind.

A remote, too, will not do because yesterday conducted an experiment on 
another server (HP-DL320-G5).
On GENERIC/8.1-stable just launched OSPF daemon and immediately lost it.

In any case, I continued to experiment and I'm willing to cooperate.
I just need a little time, which would consider how to make the 
following tests.
(And so far tractors clean the city from the snow :) ).
In addition, if you know how to make them better - help please.

Best regards,
Andrey Groshev

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