Degraded zpool cannot detach old/bad drive

jhell jhell at
Wed Nov 17 04:55:53 UTC 2010

On 11/16/2010 16:15, Rumen Telbizov wrote:
> It seems like *kern.geom.label.gptid.enable: 0 *does not work anymore? I am
> pretty sure I was able to hide all the /dev/gptid/* entries with this
> sysctl variable before but now it doesn't quite work for me.

I could be wrong but I believe that is more of a loader tuneable than a
sysctl that should be modified at run-time. Rebooting with this set to 0
will disable showing the /dev/gptid directory.

This makes me wonder if those sysctl's should be marked read-only at
run-time. Though you could even rm -rf /dev/gptid ;)



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