Sense fetching [Was: cdrtools /devel ...]

Joerg Schilling Joerg.Schilling at
Thu Nov 11 13:45:50 UTC 2010

Alexander Motin <mav at> wrote:

> > What is the requested size with the various HBAs in earlier kernels?
> For HBAs with automatic sense fetching -- as passed in sence_len request
> field. In case of libscg it was SSD_FULL_SIZE before and I've set it to
> be real value now. Returned sense_resid should be real in both cases,
> respecting submitted sense_len.
> For HBAs without sense fetching, CAM was always requesting SSD_FULL_SIZE
> and returned fake zero sense_resid, like if it just completely fulfilled
> sense_len from request. Now it should start honor sense_len on request
> and return real sense_resid on reply, relative to sense_len.

Then your patch to libscg seems to be OK and without risk.


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