svn2cvs replication down for the moment

Simon L. B. Nielsen simonln at
Thu Nov 4 09:57:35 UTC 2010


The FreeBSD svn2cvs exporter is currently down and won't be fixed until tonight CET at the earliest. This basically mean that until that is fixed, any change in svn (IE, src/) won't be available via CVS or CVSup.

A change yesterday morning "replaced" an entire directory, which svn2cvs don't know how to deal with.
As it's an entire directory I can't just use our usual hack and ignore the delete part as that will leave files in the directory in CVS which wasn't supposed to be there.

As that not a quick thing to do I won't be able to fix it before getting home from work.

Simon L. B. Nielsen
Hat: cluster admins team

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