FreeBSD 7 installs where FreeBSD 8 wont due to CD

Pete French petefrench at
Mon Dec 6 22:51:38 UTC 2010

Trying to re-install a set of HP servers over the iLO, and every time
I tried to install the 8.1 CD I ended up with an error message
telling me that the CD looked more like an audio CD than a FreeBSD

I ouzzled over it a bit, and then remembered that I originally installed
these machines using 7 not 8. So I download the 7.3 install CD
and I get an extra step in the process, listing two CD drived - cd0
and acd0 - whuch allows me to select the correct one.

I havent had a chance to see if this bug exists in the latest snapshot
of 8, but I thought it was worth pointing out, as its a situation
where 8 doesnt work but 7 did. It takes about 45 minuets to boot each
image over the internet, so I am reluctant to try a more recent 8
snapshot in case I am back to square one again.

Anyone know if this is fiex, or should I file a PR ?


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