glabel+gmirror (8.0-RC1 problem)

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at
Sun Sep 27 20:37:24 UTC 2009


that gmirror together with glabel cannot be used looks like a problem
introduced with 8.0-RC1 to me.

What I did:

2. Installation
3. reboot
4. mirror Root-hdd
sysctl kern.geom.debugflags=17
gmirror label -vb round-robin gm0 da0
gmirror load
echo 'geom_mirror_load="YES"' >> /boot/loader.conf
echo 'geom_label_load="YES"' >> /boot/loader.conf

5. adjust fstab
vi /etc/fstab

6. reboot

7. mirror Root-hdd
gmirror insert gm0 da1
gmirror status

8. wait until gmirror is done

9. reboot

10. glabel status

With 8.0-RC1 I see only da0s1a, da0s1d, da0s1e and da0s1f as Components
shown by glabel(8).
With 8.0-BETA3 I see mirror/gm0s1a, mirror/gm0s1d, mirror/gm0s1e and
mirror/gm0s1f as Components which would be correct here.

I use old IBM 2GB DFHS harddisks for that tests. I have a bunch of them
so I used for both tries "fresh" drives.

I can't see what has changed here between BETA3 and RC1 but something
must have changed in a way which renders gmirror together with glabel on
RC1 non-working.

I just did that as testing the configuration I want to use for my
fileserver when the new harddisks arrived but now I'm not sure If I
should rely on gmirror+glabel....

Oliver Lehmann wrote:

> Hi,
> I try to glabel (tunefs -L) my gmirror RAID-1. After labeling
> the /usr, /tmp, /var partition, glabel status shows the labes are being
> assigned to the mirror/gm0s1* partitions.
> I then changed my /etc/fstab to use the ufs/<label> devices instead of
> the mirror/gm0s1* devices.
> After the system got rebootet, the system is now unable to mount the
> partitions and puts me into the single user mode.
> glabel status shows me now, that the labels are all assigned to da0s1*
> instead of mirror/gm0s1*. How did this happen? glabel never shows the
> mirror/gm0s1* partitions anyhow - only after labeling them. But after
> reboot the labels are reassigned to da0s1* and glabel does not show any
> mirror/gm0s1* label.
> How can I prevent this to happen?

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