Oliver Lehmann lehmann at
Sun Sep 27 15:29:23 UTC 2009


I try to glabel (tunefs -L) my gmirror RAID-1. After labeling
the /usr, /tmp, /var partition, glabel status shows the labes are being
assigned to the mirror/gm0s1* partitions.
I then changed my /etc/fstab to use the ufs/<label> devices instead of
the mirror/gm0s1* devices.
After the system got rebootet, the system is now unable to mount the
partitions and puts me into the single user mode.
glabel status shows me now, that the labels are all assigned to da0s1*
instead of mirror/gm0s1*. How did this happen? glabel never shows the
mirror/gm0s1* partitions anyhow - only after labeling them. But after
reboot the labels are reassigned to da0s1* and glabel does not show any
mirror/gm0s1* label.

How can I prevent this to happen?

 Oliver Lehmann

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