How do i fix the broken FTP structure of freebsd 7.0?

Glen Barber glen.j.barber at
Mon Apr 27 02:23:05 UTC 2009

On Sun, Apr 26, 2009 at 7:40 PM, wac <waldoalvarez00 at> wrote:
> Thanks Glen but doing that in a remote computer is askin for trouble and I can't step to the risk of having that computer trashed (fixing it would cost almost as much as renting a new one). Anyway in the forums somebody gave me this:

Doing what in a remote machine is asking for trouble?  SSH will not be affected.

> The problem now is that the package I need is way too old. Let's see if i can work out to fix that. Problem is it uses perl and perl is used by another package the hosting company installed that depends on it. And that I really have 0 experience with it so reinstalling a new one means downtime. I'll try to modify dkimproxy and see what happens. So far the newer version installed with warnings but doesn't even start.

If you need "stability" (production ready), you (as the maintainer of
the machine) are obligated to some extent to keep it both, up to date
and "stable".

Note:  I use "stable" in quotes to not be confused with -STABLE.

AFAIK, 7.0-REL was EOL'd (or is scheduled to be).  Ports are generally
guaranteed to be installable on the latest -RELEASE version (in this
case, 7.1-RELEASE).  Anything prior to that is not a guarantee.
Packages (as I am sure you are aware) are only built one time -- when
X.X-RELEASE is released.  There is no guarantee on compatibility after
that point.

Glen Barber

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