Evaluating the performance of a single FreeBSD server

Ivan Voras ivoras at freebsd.org
Fri Apr 24 18:56:18 UTC 2009

Michel Di Croci wrote:

> colocation environment) and use it as a starting server and runs an Apache +
> PHP + PostgreSQL (for a long run stable and expandable DB). If it starts to

Even if we forget everything else you said, "Apache + PHP + PostgreSQL"
means you have at least ... BOTE calculation ... at least 24 different
combinations of how these components interact with each other and each
has different performance characteristics.

You need to give us much more information before something meaningful
can be concluded. In general, 90% of your performance issues will be in
the application (PHP code, not PHP itself) and the database (structure,
indexes, etc.). Assuming you have a decent application architecture,
database schema and enough bandwidth, can you think of a similar already
existing web application so people can have a baseline when giving you
advice? (Don't think "Google" ... think of a smaller application which
can be compared in size to yours).

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