cardbus0 and Xircom X3201 10/100BaseTX problems

Stacy Olivas olivas at
Mon Apr 20 14:57:12 UTC 2009

<Originally posted to -hardware, someone made the suggestion to move it 
to -stable instead>

Got a quick question about the Xircom X3201 PCMCIA card with FreeBSD 

I recently upgraded from 6.2-STABLE to 7.2-PRERELEASE, and after the 
upgrade, I noticed that my Xircom card was not working.

Here is what I get when the system boots or I remove and re-insert the 

cardbus0: Unable to allocate resource to read CIS.
cardbus0: Unable to allocate resources for CIS
dc0: <Xircom X3201 10/100BaseTX> port 0x1100-0x117f mem 
0x88000000-0x880007ff,0x88001000-0x880017ff irq 11 at device 0.0 on 
dc0: No station address in CIS!
device_attach: dc0 attach returned 6

Anyone else having this issue?
I"ve found this patch that was supposed to fix the issue:

Not sure if it was actually incorporated into 7.2-PRERELEASE though.




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