FreeBSD 7.2-RC1 Available

Pete French petefrench at
Sat Apr 18 09:36:23 UTC 2009

> We will, and if we do wind up shipping 7.2-REL with lagg(4) broken
> (there is still time for a fix if we find it fast enough so that's not
> definite yet...) apologies in advance.  At least as things stand now it

Well, kind of my fault too for not getting aroiund to testing the driver
for two weeks - I was out of the country so didn't get a chance.

> seems like the current driver is noticably better than the previous one
> in most regards so deciding whether to ship with this breakage versus
> reverting to the older driver isn't a particularly easy decision.

Yes, I can see that, and a better bce driver is very much a Good Thing.
I have another identical box running 7.2-PRE without lagg and that works

What surprises me is that nobody else has made any reports either
way - neither a "me too" on the issure, nor a "it works ok here". Surely
I cant be the only one using HP servers + Cisco switches and needing
redundancy on the links ? Anyone else out there care to chip in ?

Let me know if/wher there are things to test though - after the 7.1 relese
routing problems I have now allocated a box for testing this kind of
stuff, so it's fairly easy to do - I will be away from thursday for
another a week though unfortunately which will make that hard :-(


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