problems with 7.2, vm_page_insert: page already inserted

Pete French petefrench at
Sun Apr 12 09:25:06 UTC 2009

>You're the second one to report this panic so it's caught our notice as
>something to watch over.  One report of a panic like this is potentially
>issues with memory errors or any number of other possibilities given
>this area of code but more than that deserves us paying more attention
>to it.

Well, here's a third report for you - I saw the same panic, and I was
also running without swap at the time. I was migrating a system from
UFS to using ZFS, which I did by NFS mounting some space, copying
the files there, then repartitioning the original machine and copying them
back. I got the panic during one of the big copy sessions, but I can't
rememer the direction I'm afraid. The system is running STABLE from early

I didn't report it at the time as I just assumed it was a ZFS tuning
issue, but now I see this thread and I realise I've never seen that panic
on any ZFS machines.

It was a one-off, but that does make three of us now. Is the common factor
that we all had swap disabled at the time ? That worries me as I now
install all our webservers with twice the RAM and no swap, due to the fact
that having swap gves us worse behaviour when we get overloaded.


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