problems with 7.2, vm_page_insert: page already inserted

Raul raul at
Sat Apr 11 11:10:46 UTC 2009


Last night I've switched at home from 7.1R to RELENG_7. Everything went
smooth but 2 hours 46 mins later the box paniced with: vm_page_insert:
page already inserted. The 1688MB dump stopped at 1417 ... there is no
dump available :/.

The box, a dell t105, has been rock solid (as freeBSD) until yesterday
since 7.0R. It runs a bit complex mixture of things: xorp, racoon,
ipsec, pf, several openvpn udp tunnels, pppoe client (mpd5), intensive
use of zfs, some nfs, samba, apache, php, postgresql, mysql, dovecot,
postfix ... well, the list is never ending and I have no idea where to
start to track the problem.

dmesg available at
feel free to ask for whatever more info


Thanks a lot in advance,

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