libc ABI changes in RELENG_7

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Thu Apr 9 22:43:32 UTC 2009

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Hi Jose,

Jose M Rodriguez wrote:
> Hi
> Building a samba package in a recent RELENG_7 box and install on a
> 7.1-RELEASE system I found ABI changes that make ldconfig fail.
> This is related to a new strndup symbol in libc that samba build autodetect
> and use.  This is really necesary?

The only way to guarantee a package is usable under 7.1-RELEASE is to
build it under a 7.1-RELEASE chroot or jail, when building it on a newer
host system.

That's said, we strive our best to maintain backward compatibility, i.e.
make sure that newer FreeBSD versions would always run older binaries;
we do want to keep some sort of upward compatibility, for instance, when
you build a binary on newer FreeBSD version, it's *likely* that it can
be run on older FreeBSD version, but this is not strictly guaranteed or
we can not add any new functionalities into new FreeBSD versions.

I personally feel very strongly against of not having a POSIX-defined
libc function just because older 7.x does not have it, unless we want
the whole 7.x branch to be EoL'ed soon.

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