6.x acpi powerbutton

Stephen Clark sclark46 at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 9 20:24:17 UTC 2009

   Andriy Gapon wrote:

on 09/04/2009 19:17 Stephen Clark said the following:


I am trying to figure out what happens on a soft poweroff? Is there a
userspace script that gets called?

If everything works correctly, then acpi driver sends a signal to init which
causes a typical graceful shutdown.

BTW, was this really a question for stable ml?


   Probably not. But I spent a couple of hours googling without much luck
   so I got desperate. ;-)
   Is there a reason it doesn't send and event like Linux that can be
   acted upon by user space other
   than signaling init? I like to have a message written in
   /var/log/messages that someone pressed
   the powerbutton.

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