system report 7.2 beta1

Gavin Atkinson gavin at
Thu Apr 9 13:39:18 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-04-09 at 14:30 +0800, GOD wrote:
> I trace all of 7.* version on my laptop. But some thing is always a
> problem!
> 1. The acpi is not well supported. I try acpiconf -s 3 , the system
> will 
> die.

I take it you are running i386 then?  Can you try compiling SMP support
out of your kernel, disabling the second core in the BIOS, and seeing if
you have the same problem?  If suspend starts to work then the problem
is that i386 suspend isn't properly implemented for SMP.

Recently, amd64 gained suspend/resume and works on SMP.  Although this
support hasn't been merged back to 7.x, it might be worthwhile booting
the 8.0 amd64 live CD and seeing if that works for you - if it does,
there's probably more chance the amd64 support will appear in 7.x before
the i386 suspend support, so maybe you could consider moving to amd64.

> 2 The ath0 wifi support, I test and nerver find it can transfer with 
> more than 5MB per second rate.
> 3 The big problem of my laptop is the intel video card, xorg eat up half 
> of my memory,and it's very slow moving windows .

I'm afraid I can't help with these, other than to say that wireless
support in 8.x is much better than in 7.x.

Indeed, given how close 8.0 is to being released (a few months away, I
believe), it may be best either to wait, or to consider upgrading your
system to -CURRENT amd64 and seeing if your problems are already


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