FreeBSD and iSCSI for disks.

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Thu Apr 9 11:44:51 UTC 2009

Danny Braniss wrote:
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>> Danny Braniss wrote:
>>>> Garance A Drosihn wrote:
>>>>> Some friends of mine are looking at the new "DroboPro", which makes a=
>>>>> lot of disk space available via iSCSI (in addition to firewire 800),
>>>>> and they were wondering how well iSCSI works with FreeBSD.  I haven't=
>>>>> paid attention to iSCSI support.  Is there anyone using it heavily
>>>>> for disk-storage under FreeBSD?  Has there been much changed for
>>>>> iSCSI support in the 8.x branch, or is 7.x support working fine?
>>>> I suppose you are interested in the "client" (initiator) side of iSCSI=
>>>> support. It hasn't changed much between 7.x and 8.x but there are
>>>> apparently some announcements of a newer version:
>>>> I can't find any more information on it.
>>> the latest is in:
>> Thanks!
>> Is there anything in particular you'd like to get tested in the new
>> version, any significant changes or improvements?
> mainly fixed some bugs, and some code cleanup.
> give it a spin, and let me know what target you are testing.
> btw, the default tag opening is a bit concervative (1), you might want to
> change it to somewhat larger, say 64 or 128.


"camcontrol tags" hangs:

Apr  9 15:36:36 terminator kernel: da3 at iscsi0 bus 0 target 1 lun 0
Apr  9 15:36:36 terminator kernel: da3: <FreeBSD iSCSI DISK 0001> Fixed
Direct Access SCSI-5 device
Apr  9 15:36:38 terminator kernel: (da2:iscsi0:0:0:0): lost device
Apr  9 15:36:38 terminator kernel: (da2:iscsi0:0:0:0): removing device entry
terminator:~ivoras/temp/sbin/iscontrol# ls /dev/da*
/dev/da0     /dev/da0s1   /dev/da0s1a  /dev/da0s1b  /dev/da0s1c
/dev/da1     /dev/da3
terminator:~ivoras/temp/sbin/iscontrol# camcontrol tags da3

The configuration is:

target0 {
        targetaddress =
        targetname =
        tags = 16

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