no USB mice detected on GA-MA74GM-S2

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Thu Apr 9 10:57:33 UTC 2009

On Wed, 8 Apr 2009 22:49:25 +0200, Martin wrote
> Am Wed, 8 Apr 2009 21:08:05 +0200
> schrieb Piotr Smyrak <piotr.smyrak at>:
> > First I started with my old build of 6.2, then upgraded to 6.4 
> > STABLE, to finally upgrade to 7.2 PRERELEASE in hope of fixing 
> > issue. None of versions gave me USB mouse support. I have tried 
> > connecting 3 various mice. No luck. The only effect I can 
> > after connecting a mouse, is a somewhat delayed message on 
> I have had also problems with recent Gigabyte Mainboards 
> and USB mice. Something is really broken in this branch. 
> Unlike you, I could always get my mouse to work by re-
> attaching it. You should perhaps take a look at the BIOS 
> USB settings, so you could get at least the re-attaching 
> work-around to work.
> BIOS settings that influence the behavior of USB mice are:
> - any "legacy USB support" settings
> - so-called "BIOS support for USB mice"

I have 5 options regarding USB in the BIOS: 
* OnChip USB controller
* USB EHCI controller
* USB Keyboard support
* USB Mouse support
* Legacy USB storage detect

Should mention in the original post, I have them all but the first 
one disabled. I have tried many combinations including disabling 
the OnChip controller totally. All in vain.
> Because -STABLE has been really frustrating, I migrated 
> all my desktops to -CURRENT that has the new USB-v2 stack. 
> The USB problems disappeared there.
> I'm overall satisfied with -CURRENT. I've always wanted to 
> say that FreeBSD developers do a really great job on the 
> -CURRENT branch. It's running very stable and has plenty 
> of new features. I know I shouldn't recommend to migrate 
> to -CURRENT, but I'm almost sure, it runs much better than 
> every -CURRENT I've seen before and sometimes I have the 
> impression that it's even nicer than the -STABLE branch.

Well, I am not scared by -CURRENT at all, but I was hesitating to 
upgrade main build since it is after all a moving target and I 
would like to keep my main work horse as much steady as possible.

Thanks for suggestions,
 Piotr Smyrak
 piotr.smyrak at

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