panic: lockmgr: locking against myself on 7.2-BEA1 (and gmirror dumpdev not working)

Josh Carroll josh.carroll at
Wed Apr 8 02:01:28 UTC 2009

> Unfortunately, as mentioned in the subject, I am unable to get a
> savecore. After show alllocks and bt, I ran "call doadump", which
> appeared to work fine. However, after rebooting, there was no savecore
> in /var/crash and running savecore against /dev/mirror/gm1s1b states:

I was able to reproduce the panic and this time, I booted single user
mode and I was able to manually call savecore to get

So if there is any additional kgdb output needed, just say the word
and I can get it now.

Curious why /etc/rc.d/savecore didn't work on a normal reboot after
the dump, but that's probably a topic for a separate mail thread.


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