Failure to make world for RELENG_6_4

Victor Sudakov vas at
Sun Apr 5 19:04:49 PDT 2009

Victor Sudakov wrote:
> I have recently submitted 2 PRs 
> misc/133066

This one was due to a dirty source tree.

> misc/133264

This one however is not so simple. I have tried building world under
VMWare ESXi 3.5.0 Update 3 (FreeBSD as a guest OS) and the building
process crashed occasionally if more than 1 CPU is allocated to the
virtual machine. The failures are due to various processes like sh,
sed or cc1 dupming core on signal 11 during the build.

The problem seems to be SMP related because enabling only 1 virtual
CPU removes the problem. Of course it is also VMWare related.

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