Request for testing - top 3.8b1 in the base system

William LeFebvre bill at
Sun Sep 28 17:05:41 UTC 2008

Alex Keda wrote:
> Some strange. Count running processes not match with system top

I went back and forth on this.  Old top would only count system 
processes in the summary line if they were also being displayed below 
(i.e.: using the 'S' command or the -S switch).  Yet other restrictions 
on the main display were not reflected in the count.  For example if you 
restrict the view to a particular command or user the count would still 
include all user processes.  This seemed inconsistent to me and in the 
end I decided to count all processes regardless of what was being 
displayed.  In version 3.8 the process count is (almost) the same as "ps 
ax | wc -l".

I will make sure the documentation reflects this.

Bill LeFebvre

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